Lister News | 26 February 2019

Official Sponsor of the Shearing World Championship 2019

  • Competitive Sheep Shearing, Sponsored by Lister Shearing

    Competitive Sheep Shearing, Sponsored by Lister Shearing

We are thrilled to announce that Lister Shearing is an official sponsor of the World Sheep Shearing and Wool Handling Championship in France, 2019.

Shearing has progressed from being a laborious farm task to being recognised as an elite sport, that celebrates the physical effort and masterful skill required for sheep shearing. In competition, shearers are scored on how quickly the fleece can be removed without injury to the animal and without double cutting the wool fibre.

In 1958, a number of young sheep farmers decided to organise a shearing competition, where shearers could complete with speed and skill. Following the success of the competition and the enthusiasm of the public, the first Golden Shears event was scheduled in Memorial Stadium, Masterton in 1961 which was broadcast on television, attracted vast crowds and featured some of the most established names in shearing. As a result, large sponsors followed and the media coverage grew, leading to the very first World Championship in 1977.

This year, competitors from over 20 countries have registered so far, with up to 300 shearers taking part in the six day event along with 5,000 sheep. 

“We’re delighted and incredibly proud to be the official sponsor of Golden Shears World Sheep Shearing and Woolhandling Championship” said Mark Grant, Managing Director at Lister Shearing. “It’s a great opportunity to support the agricultural industry, cultivate relationships with participating countries and endorse all of the hardworking shearers taking part.”

The Championships will be held in the centre of the town of Le Dorat, France from 1-7th July 2019.